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Buildium makes buildings more comfortable, clean and safe

At Buildium we believe in the power of the simplicity. It should be very easy for a building user to notify you about issues. This leads to a better user experience and increased productivity. In addition, we make the workflow of an incident super simple and you can answer it directly or refer it to the right department.

Buildium solution

Report about issues

The start of good optimization is to get track of all the incidents inside your building. It is very important to get in touch with the building users and make it as easy as possible to report incidents in the right way, with the right information.

Assign workflows easily

Based on the location of the issue and the category, each new reported issue is automatically labeled. Because issues are reported in a structured way, provided with the right information and location, it is easy to assign a workflow and ensure that it reaches the right handler directly. No unnecessary time-wasting email conversations and loss of information.


In addition to reporting issues, with Buildium building users can also adapt small settings to the climate and temperatures. Being able to adjust climate settings satisfies building users and results in a lower number of complaints. This will save you time!

Access with PIN code

Safety is a top priority at Buildium.

We ensure that our application is not accessible to everyone, despite the low threshold.


Transparent communication

As an administrator you can give information about an issue and it’s solving status directly back to the building users.

E-mail notifications

As a handler you will be notified immediately as soon as a report is received. Once the report has been resolved, use the “set status to completed" button to close the issue.

Continuous feedback

Be in constant contact with your users and use the feedback to tailor the building to their needs as well as possible. Show management what improvements their have been made.

Reporting and analytics

Gain insights into building zones of success and building zones with opportunities for improvement.

Easy access

Get a clear overview with our user-friendly interface on your familiar Priva screen.

How it works

Building users app

Let building users share their experiences and instantly see their needs by simply scanning a QR code.

Management Dashboard

You can manage and analyze the feedback from your building users in combination with the temperature measurements from your building all combined in one smart dashboard.

Put together what you need and keep stakeholders easily informed of the improvement process.

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Our advantages

Buildium FMIS light solution is a valuable integral system for your facility organization.

Efficiency and effectiveness

Coordinating systems and allowing them to work together, create added value and synergy. Desired information can be found and used quickly and easily.


Buildium creates continuity by organizing processes and workflows. This makes it easily transferable.


Using surveys to improve the customer satisfaction and get track when new issues arise in order to take necessary actions as needed.

Insight and transparency

Provide insight into your facility processes and management information. For example by organizing reporting and feedback from building users.

Healthy employees

A smart workplace leads to healthy employees and enables

them to develop their talent in the best possible conditions.  

Save time

Minimize time consuming tasks of handling complaints.

Gain efficiency by provide the right information to the right person at the right time.

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